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Pursuing Green Skills for Careers of Purpose.

Demand for green jobs in the US is up more than 50% since 2019, according to data compiled by Lightcast and Working Nation. This trend is projected to continue indefinitely.*

Unity master’s programs are designed specifically to help you meet that need while getting a degree that aligns with your passion for the environment.

*United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023

Choose Your Specialized Program.

Master’s Degrees

Sustainable Master of Business Administration in Behavioral Economics – 100% Online

Make a difference for the world and the world of business with an advanced interdisciplinary education in behavioral economics, sustainability, and business strategy. With a focus on promoting eco-conscious brands, sustainable products, and ethical consumer behaviors, your 100% online MBA offers the tools you need to lead positive change for sustainability in business practices. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to use your expertise of human behavior, economic decisions, and the environment to pursue career opportunities in sustainable marketing, corporate social responsibility, sustainable consulting, nonprofit management, and more. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create purpose-driven, eco-friendly marketing strategies 
  • Make a meaningful impact for sustainability in business
  • Transition organizations to a more sustainable and resilient economy

Sustainable Master of Business Administration in Parks & Outdoor Recreation – 100% Online

Discover what it takes to manage outdoor spaces to meet the needs of communities, the environment, and the economy. Studies for this advanced business degree program will have you explore projects that create practical and sustainable solutions for real-world outdoor usage and management problems. Online coursework covers ecological economics, the outdoor recreation industry, sustainable management, and more. Upon graduation, you’ll have the skills and business credentials you need to pursue leadership opportunities in outdoor recreation management, sustainable tourism, or adventure tourism. You’ll learn how to:

  • Design sustainable programs to help others enjoy and preserve nature’s attractions
  • Ensure responsible practices in public and private sectors
  • Address issues of environmental degradation

Sustainable Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality – 100% Online

Take your hospitality career to the next level with a degree that will hone your business know-how and your sustainability expertise. This online program offers insights and skills that will help you make an impact in the real world for your career, the environment, and your guests. Grounded in principles of effective environmental stewardship, you will explore sustainability in business operations, supply chains, and tourism destinations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply sustainable business principles to tourism and hospitality
  • Design strategies to satisfy the business, guests, communities, and the environment
  • Develop tourism and hospitality products using sustainability models

Master of Professional Science in Animal Science and Behavior – 100% Online

Take your animal expertise to the next level and better prepare for opportunities in areas like animal training, shelter management, and animal nutrition. This program offers a deeper understanding of human-animal interactions in areas of animal companionship, behavior, and welfare. Two track options let you tailor your graduate degree to your career goals: 

  • Canine and Feline Health and Care 
  • Equine Health and Care 

Master of Professional Science in Climate Change Adaption and Resilience – 100% Online

This transdisciplinary program draws on multiple fields like environmental science, economics, sociology, and psychology to better assess the impact climate change has on people, ecosystems, communities, and more. With courses aligned to the American Society of Adaptation Professional’s Knowledge and Competencies Framework, you’ll develop the practical skills needed to work toward climate adaptation and resilience in any industry at every level. Online coursework will have you completing usable projects that:

  • Explain climate variability
  • Develop adaptation and resilience plans 
  • Assess and decrease individual and system vulnerability to climate impacts
  • Address climate change through systems thinking 

Master of Science in Carbon Ecology and Management – 100% Online

Make a positive impact for the environment and your career with an education in carbon dynamics and ecosystem management. This online graduate degree offers the tools and insights you need to mitigate climate change through carbon management. Coursework covers essentials for carbon sequestration, ecosystem restoration, sustainable land use, policy and governance, and nature-based solutions. Prepare for professional opportunities in conservation, climate advocacy, natural resource management, and environmental consulting by learning how to:

  • Analyze carbon dynamics with tools like GIS and remote sensing
  • Lead initiatives for carbon ecology and management
  • Reduce carbon emissions, conserve natural habitats, and promote sustainability

Master of Science in Environmental Data Analytics – 100% Online

Learn how to take a data-driven approach to help solve the critical environmental issues of our time, including climate change, air and water quality, resource management, and biodiversity decline. This online graduate program blends an understanding of sustainability practices with advanced data science principles to help you build skills for data analysis, data modeling, and predictive analysis. Upon graduation, you’ll have the tools you need to pursue professional opportunities in government agencies, private organizations, and NGOs. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Transform data sets into actionable insights for decision makers and policy advocates
  • Use advanced statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and geospatial analysis
  • Conduct research on environmental issues such as climate change and pollution trends

Master of Professional Science in Marine Science – 100% Online

Take the next step in your career by leveling up your expertise in marine science. In this online master’s degree program, you’ll explore the scientific data and conservation strategies regarding the global decline of marine biodiversity to help develop more effective solutions for the future. As you refine scientific abilities in areas like data analysis and interpretation, you’ll also hone your leadership and management skills. Upon graduation, you’ll know what it takes to evaluate marine-relevant scientific studies, use statistical procedures in data analysis, and propose solutions for sustainable marine resource management. Plus, you will align your education to your career goals with specialty tracks in: 

  • Conservation of Marine Predators
  • Conservation of Marine Mammals
  • Coral Reef Biodiversity & Conservation

Master of Science in One Health – 100% Online

From climate change to habitat destruction, environmental factors can and often do make an impact on human health. This online master’s degree explores the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health — One Health — to develop sustainable solutions for a healthier, more resilient future for people and the planet. Designed to help you advance your career opportunities in healthcare, environmental science, research, or advocacy, this program offers insights into pressing and emerging public health challenges like infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Learn how to: 

  • Use health data across species to develop strategies for disease surveillance and control
  • Meaningfully contribute to the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment
  • Analyze how environmental changes impact human and animal well-being

Master of Professional Science in Sustainable Food Systems – 100% Online

Take your agribusiness career to the next level with a graduate-level education in the environmental science, policy, economics, and social justice issues within the field of sustainable food systems. This interdisciplinary program offers the tools for food resilience and sustainability you need to lead initiatives to promote social equity, mitigate environmental degradation, and overcome food insecurity. Upon graduation, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue opportunities in food policy and advocacy, community food initiatives, food entrepreneurship, consulting, and sustainable agriculture. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Implement regenerative farming practices
  • Promote equitable access to nutritious foods
  • Positively impact food security and environmental sustainability

Master of Professional Science in Wildlife Conservation and Advocacy – 100% Online

Want to advance your wildlife preservation career? Start by advancing your ability to apply wildlife ecology and management principles to real-world conservation issues with this 100% online program. Coursework covers wildlife conservation campaigns, conservation ecology, human dimensions of wildlife management, and more. You’ll learn what it takes to:

  • Evaluate all the factors that influence wildlife conservation
  • Lead effective communication and outreach strategies
  • Address wildlife conservation problems using hard data

Master of Professional Science in Wildlife Ecology and Management – 100% Online

You want to do more than enjoy nature by studying wildlife. You want to actively help the cause of conservation and protect biodiversity. This program offers an advanced understanding of wildlife management ecology. Coursework explores how to lead efforts to preserve wildlife, manage ecosystems, and make a difference for a more sustainable future. By studying things like ethical practice, landscape ecology, and scientific thought, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Solve wildlife management challenges
  • Use data to address wildlife ecology
  • Sustainably manage wildlife and their habitats

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