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Green Expertise. Food Sustainability Careers.

Sustainable Futures Start Here!

What does it mean to specialize in food-system management and sustainability? It means that when others make dinner plans for a family of four, you’re making plans to feed whole communities. You can make a difference for the world and your career. We can help. Unity offers several online degree options to help fuel your journey to a career in food sustainability, equity, and agribusiness. 

The world population now exceeds 8 billion. That’s 8 billion hungry mouths that need to be fed. As our population continues to grow, so does our need for innovative, educated, and qualified food-system experts to take the lead on initiatives that will solve issues of famine, hunger, and food insecurity while also developing practices for continued sustainability to feed generations to come. Take your place among them with a 100% online degree program from Unity. 

Choose Your Specialized Program.

Make a positive difference for your career, your community, and the environment with a:

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry – 100% Online

From cattle ranches to bamboo farms and every agroforestry system in between, effective land management practices can enhance production and profitability while protecting ecosystems. If you want to pursue a career in green-centric land management, this online agroforestry program offers the skills you need to monitor and manage agroforestry systems. Coursework covers system designs, forest ecology, sustainability practices, community development, land management, and more. You’ll learn what it takes to forecast and measure crop yields, carbon sequestration, and other agroforestry system outputs and systems. Coursework also covers: 

  • Integrating trees and shrubs into agricultural systems for food, fiber, or fuel production
  • Developing business plans for agroforestry enterprises
  • Measuring the ecological, social, and economic benefits of agroforestry

Bachelor of Science in Food Business & Culinary Entrepreneurship – 100% Online

Explore a future in sustainable food business addressing environmental conservation, social justice, waste reduction and more to contribute to food security and better nutrition. This degree offers the skills and credential you need to explore professional opportunities in a host of culinary ventures — from sustainable supply chain management to product development to starting your own food truck business. Coursework offers a mix of business fundamentals with environmental essentials to help you build or grow food business grounded in ethical and sustainable food practices. You’ll learn about:

  • Regenerative food systems and promoting eco-friendly culinary practices
  • Addressing social justice issues and fair labor practices in the food industry
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of food businesses with sustainable farming

Bachelor of Science in Food Equity & Health – 100% Online

From food insecurity to nutritional disparity to sustainable agriculture, this degree explores the interconnected environmental and social essentials involved in food systems and public health. Coursework will help you build the practical skills and leadership qualities needed to promote a holistic and sustainable approach to food systems that benefit everyone. Upon graduation, you could explore professional opportunities in public health and government agencies, research, corporate wellness, and NGOs. You’ll learn what it takes to:

  • Promote sustainable food systems and ensure the long-term availability of resources 
  • Foster better health outcomes and reduce diet-related diseases
  • Cultivate food systems to better respond to climate change and economic uncertainty

Bachelor of Science in Regenerative Agriculture – 100% Online

Agribusiness is big business covering everything involved in growing, harvesting, processing and distributing farm-based goods. Regenerative agribusiness, or carbon farming, takes that to the next level, with advanced farming techniques to improve food systems in the face of environmental concerns, such as climate change, as well as economic and social challenges. From livestock management to soil health, this degree offers the tools you need to pursue careers in sustainable agriculture, environmental consulting, food and supply chain management, climate advocacy, and even renewable energy. Coursework covers how to:

  • Address pressing global challenges for agribusiness, including climate change
  • Promote sustainable and resilient agribusiness practices on a broad scale
  • Mitigate farming’s carbon footprint and champion biodiversity conservation

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Horticulture – 100% Online

From seed storage and pest management to financial planning and product marketing, this online degree program blends sustainability practices with business essentials. It offers the climate-smart agricultural practices you could use to pursue opportunities in agronomy, farming, and greenhouse management — or run your own horticultural business. Coursework covers what it takes to incorporate sustainable practices into landscaping, gardening, food production, or any horticulture-related operation. You’ll also learn what it takes to:

  • Select, manage, and improve plants and their products
  • Identify, monitor, and respond to horticultural problems
  • Apply business principles as well as science to horticultural operations

Master’s Degree

Master of Professional Science in Sustainable Food Systems – 100% Online

Take your agribusiness career to the next level with a graduate-level education in the environmental science, policy, economics, and social justice issues within the field of sustainable food systems. This interdisciplinary program offers the tools for food resilience and sustainability you need to lead initiatives to promote social equity, mitigate environmental degradation, and overcome food insecurity. Upon graduation, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue opportunities in food policy and advocacy, community food initiatives, food entrepreneurship, consulting, and sustainable agriculture. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Implement regenerative farming practices
  • Promote equitable access to nutritious foods
  • Positively impact food security and environmental sustainability

Learn from Food-Industry Experts

Our faculty are environmental science professionals who, in addition to offering their wisdom and insights through these programs, conduct their own research and are heavily involved in their fields of expertise.

  • Dr. Amanda Rose Newton – pest control expert, seasoned beekeeper, and insect advocate
  • Dr. Don Spence – Board Certified Master Arborist and invasive species expert 
  • Dr. Megan O’Connell – expertise in field ecology, landscape genetics, and more
  • Dr. Michaeleen Gerken Golay – forest biology expertise at multiple scales
  • Dr. Damian Dunbar – leader in helping others define their goals and develop their talents
  • Dr. Jono Anzalone – executive director of The Climate Initiative (TCI)
  • Dr. Marion Andrews Holmes – past human activity influences modern plants communities
  • Dr. Kathryn Radicke-Vanderburg – micro biome and resistome research
  • Dr. Karen Stancil – the molecular effects of temperature stress plants
  • Kyle Holland – data-driven farm management research for soil health and profitability

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