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Pursuing Green Skills for Careers of Purpose.

With Unity Environmental University’s 100% online bachelor’s degrees you don’t have to choose. Not between your lifestyle and your environmental values. Not between your career and your passion. Not between your responsibilities and your education.

Choose Your Specialized Program.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry – 100% Online

From cattle ranches to bamboo farms and every agroforestry system in between, effective land management practices can enhance production and profitability while protecting ecosystems. If you want to pursue a career in green-centric land management, this online agroforestry program offers the skills you need to monitor and manage agroforestry systems. Coursework covers system designs, forest ecology, sustainability practices, community development, land management, and more. You’ll learn what it takes to forecast and measure crop yields, carbon sequestration, and other agroforestry system outputs and systems. Coursework also covers: 

  • Integrating trees and shrubs into agricultural systems for food, fiber, or fuel production
  • Developing business plans for agroforestry enterprises
  • Measuring the ecological, social, and economic benefits of agroforestry

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science – 100% Online

You recognize and value the significance of every animal, from livestock to companion animals, in our relationship with the natural world. With coursework in animal biology, chemistry, nutrition, medicine, and physiology, this program can help you take the next step in your animal-industry future. This program offers three career-aligned tracks for: 

  • Companion Animal Care and Training 
  • Sustainable Livestock Management 
  • Equine Science and Management 

Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Behavior – 100% Online

Interested in career opportunities in zoos, aquariums, veterinary fields, or in animal welfare enforcement? With online coursework covering both environmental and animal sciences, this bachelor’s program can help you pursue career opportunities immediately or further your education in a graduate program. You’ll explore:  

  • Concepts for the care of wild and captive animals 
  • Laboratory techniques used in animal care 
  • Training, health, and habitat needs for animals

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Process Engineering – 100% Online

Use expertise in engineering, science, and sustainability to transition wasteful, environmentally damaging processes into a brighter future for your career and the world. This online program blends environmental engineering with industrial engineering to prepare you for solution-oriented career opportunities making processes and systems more efficient while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Through project-based coursework and a focus on areas such as water and air quality management, waste treatment, and sustainable manufacturing, you will learn how to design, optimize, and manage processes that:

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Support sustainable development

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies – 100% Online

This transdisciplinary degree offers a holistic look at environmental issues. It offers a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of environmental problems and provides tools and perspectives from multiple disciplines — including natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities — to tackle them. You can help align your studies to your career goals with elective opportunities in animal health, ecotourism, geographic information science (GIS), biomedical sciences, sustainable farming, and more. Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  • Build consensus when working to solve environmental problems
  • Evaluate environmental solutions from economic, ecological, and societal perspectives
  • Explain core environmental aspects, also from multiple perspectives

Bachelor of Science in Food Business & Culinary Entrepreneurship – 100% Online

Explore a future in sustainable food business addressing environmental conservation, social justice, waste reduction and more to contribute to food security and better nutrition. This degree offers the skills and credential you need to explore professional opportunities in a host of culinary ventures — from sustainable supply chain management to product development to starting your own food truck business. Coursework offers a mix of business fundamentals with environmental essentials to help you build or grow food business grounded in ethical and sustainable food practices. You’ll learn about:

  • Regenerative food systems and promoting eco-friendly culinary practices
  • Addressing social justice issues and fair labor practices in the food industry
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of food businesses with sustainable farming

Bachelor of Science in Food Equity & Health – 100% Online

From food insecurity to nutritional disparity to sustainable agriculture, this degree explores the interconnected environmental and social essentials involved in food systems and public health. Coursework will help you build the practical skills and leadership qualities needed to promote a holistic and sustainable approach to food systems that benefit everyone. Upon graduation, you could explore professional opportunities in public health and government agencies, research, corporate wellness, and NGOs. You’ll learn what it takes to:

  • Promote sustainable food systems and ensure the long-term availability of resources 
  • Foster better health outcomes and reduce diet-related diseases
  • Cultivate food systems to better respond to climate change and economic uncertainty

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology & Sustainable Aquaculture – 100% Online

If you want to pursue a career working to help marine organisms and environments grow and thrive, take a deep dive into the insights, information, and skills provided in this online degree program. With a focus on the existing and emerging issues involved in marine biology and aquaculture, this comprehensive program will help you build the tools you need for careers in fields for marine science, conservation, and advocacy for Earth’s oceans. Coursework also emphasizes sustainability practices to help you prepare for responsible management of aquaculture operations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement laboratory and field techniques for marine life observation and research
  • Evaluate aquaculture systems to environmental and systematics sustainability
  • Offer real-world solutions to environmental issues in marine biology and aquaculture

Bachelor of Science in Regenerative Hotel Management – 100% Online

Develop the skills you need to provide positive guest experiences while making a difference for the local community and the world. This program explores how to embrace and implement regenerative initiatives for your hospitality organization that will help reduce waste, combat climate change, and promote memorable travel experiences. Courses for environmental marketing, hotel operations management, hospitality law, and more will put you on track to build the skills and earn the credential you need for leadership roles in hotels, B&Bs, and entire resorts. You’ll learn what it takes to:

  • Apply concepts of regenerative hospitality and sustainable business
  • Incorporate regenerative principles in daily decision-making and hotel activities
  • Interpret data to better understand hospitality trends and inform management

Bachelor of Science in Regenerative Agriculture – 100% Online

Agribusiness is big business covering everything involved in growing, harvesting, processing and distributing farm-based goods. Regenerative agribusiness, or carbon farming, takes that to the next level, with advanced farming techniques to improve food systems in the face of environmental concerns, such as climate change, as well as economic and social challenges. From livestock management to soil health, this degree offers the tools you need to pursue careers in sustainable agriculture, environmental consulting, food and supply chain management, climate advocacy, and even renewable energy. Coursework covers how to:

  • Address pressing global challenges for agribusiness, including climate change
  • Promote sustainable and resilient agribusiness practices on a broad scale
  • Mitigate farming’s carbon footprint and champion biodiversity conservation

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business Management – 100% Online

This degree blends sustainability principles with business essentials to help you develop the skills and understanding needed to pursue leadership positions throughout the business world. Build your management and environmental professional foundation through courses for economics, environmental accounting, global supply chain operations, ecological sustainability, data for sustainable business, and more. Plus, you can align your studies to meet your career goals by focusing in: 

  • Adventure Ecotourism
  • Hemp Industry & Science
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Food & Farming

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Horticulture – 100% Online

From seed storage and pest management to financial planning and product marketing, this online degree program blends sustainability practices with business essentials. It offers the climate-smart agricultural practices you could use to pursue opportunities in agronomy, farming, and greenhouse management — or run your own horticultural business. Coursework covers what it takes to incorporate sustainable practices into landscaping, gardening, food production, or any horticulture-related operation. You’ll also learn what it takes to:

  • Select, manage, and improve plants and their products
  • Identify, monitor, and respond to horticultural problems
  • Apply business principles as well as science to horticultural operations

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Destination Management – 100% Online

Get on the frontlines of building a more sustainable future for the industry with regenerative tourism. Merging principles for responsible business, social equity, public policy, and environmental sustainability, you’ll help provide impactful guest experiences that preserve the local landscape and attractions. Courses in ethical tourism, trends in tourism, regenerative tourism, and more will help you prepare for opportunities in hospitality management, sustainability, and ecotourism. Upon graduation, you’ll know how to:

  • Analyze tourism components – residents, tourists, natural resources, and attractions
  • Apply business concepts to tourism problem-solving and decision-making
  • Use data to intelligently speak to future tourism development scenarios

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation – 100% Online

As humankind continues to make an ecological impact on the world and encroach on the natural habitats of wildlife everywhere, natural populations are in distress and need strategic help. With online coursework covering a range of wildlife management and conservation concepts, you could make a real-world difference in multiple conservation career fields. You’ll cover a number of management and preservation essentials, including plant and wildlife interactions, habitat management, and natural resource law. You will learn how to:

  • Identify plants, birds, and mammals at the heart of conservation efforts
  • Choose and use appropriate wildlife management field techniques
  • Evaluate management strategies for disease control in wildlife populations

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